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Easy Password Tokenizer

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Good security starts with a strong password! But strong passwords are difficult to remember. What if there was a way to remember a simple password and have it changed into a strong password token? Easy Password Tokenizer was made just for that. It turns your easy to remember password into a strong tokenized one. Install now and be safe!

Why should I use Easy Password Tokenizer?
Because humans are really bad at coming up with truly random passwords. People often use words or numbers that mean something to them: a petís name, their mother\'s maiden name, their kidsí birthdays, song lyrics, etc The problem with this is that you end up with passwords that are easy to guess.

And remember: itís not humans who are doing the guessing. Itís computers. An ordinary desktop computer can test over a hundred million passwords per second ó and this number climbs to billions of passwords per second if the computer is using GPU-based cracking tools. Password length and complexity are essential.

So donít risk it. Use a random password generator like Easy Password Tokenizer to create long, truly random passwords that, even with the strongest computers, take ages to crack.

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